fisioterapia barcelona
centro fisioterapia barcelona

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Center


Physiotherapist Colleg. 3454
Osteopath D.O. R.O.E. Member Nº 402


Sonia Martínez Reygaza

(Barcelona 1976)

sonia martinez reygaza

  • Director of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Sonia Martinez Center in Barcelona
  • Diploma in Nursing (1998)
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy (2001). Collegial No. 3454
  • Osteopath DO (2011). R.O.E. member No. 402
  • Disclosing, instructor and tutor BSPTS practice (Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School)
  • Founding member of the SOSORT
  • Ex-professor of E.U Bages (UAB)
  • BSPTS Instructor in Spain and in France
  • Course Global Postural Reeducation (RPG)
  • Basic and Advanced Course Feldenkrais
  • Mezieres Course
  • Hipopresiva abdominal Gymnastics Course
  • Osteopathic approach in obstetrics
  • Ex-Associate professor of the Spine deformity in the Master of Posturology at University in Barcelone
  • Currently following training in Biodynamic Osteopathy and Children
  • Full Professor of medical pathology (Deformities of the spine) at Escoles Universitàries Gimbernat (EuG - Sant Cugat, Barcelona)

Sheila Fernández Domenech

(Barcelona 1994)

sheila fernandez domenech

  • Diploma in Physiotherapy (2016). Collegial No. 12398
  • Course C1 (2016) and C2 (2017) BSPTS Schroth
  • Course of assessment and treatment of the cervical spine (2016)

Carola Ruano Cortina

(Barcelona 1994)

elisabet valls gomis

  • Diploma in Physiotherapy (2016). Collegial No. 12383